Baby Hazel Newborn Baby
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Baby hazel is on seventh sky! She is very excited about newly arrived member in her family, and thats her little brother. She is eagerly waiting for her mother who is going to get newly born baby at home. With new relation, Baby Hazel shares new feelings and emotions along with responsibilities. As elder sister she tries to please new born baby by cuddling and offering him toys. Wow! What a great feeling it is! Having little one in the house brings contentment. The new born Baby has become an apple of Hazels eye. Play this game and get to know how excited Hazel is and what she does when her little brother arrives in the house.

Baby Hazel waiting for her newly born little brother

Baby Hazel is at home and is eagerly waiting for the arrival of her newly born little brother. Her brother will be coming along with parents. Hazels eagerness makes her restless till then. She tries to divert her attention but still her excitement keeps her restless. Meanwhile she calls her friends to show them Baby Matts crib. Hazel is on cloud-nine when mom brings little brother at home. Its time to welcome Baby Hazel's little brother, Baby Matt to join Baby Hazel along with her family and friends!

Baby Hazels making bed of cute little brother

Its time to make little Baby Matts bed. Mom asks Hazel to make his bed. Baby Hazel is so excited that she wants to make her little brothers bed herself. Help Hazel in making her little brothers bed quickly.

Baby Hazel playing and pampering her little brother

Now Baby Hazel wants to spend some quality time with her cute little brother. Mom has given little brothers onus to Hazel. Hazel is trying to keep little baby happy and cheerful when he is cries. Help Hazel in keeping brother happy by cuddling him, feeding him, offering toys or changing diapers.

Its little brothers sleeping time

Its little brothers sleeping time. Baby Hazel has played and spent whole day playing and pampering her little brother. Now get him ready to sleep peacefully. Help Baby Hazel and mom in making little brother sleep.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.