Baby Hazel Hygiene Care
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For a good health, hygiene care is very important. Our Hazel is small and we need to teach her important hygiene care tips. Help Hazel in different hygiene care activities such as changing dirty clothes and washing them. Also teach her to keep her nails trimmed, wash her face with soap properly and brush teeth to maintain oral care. Don't forget to tell her about dining hygiene like washing hands before and after meal.

Baby Hazel laundry wash

Little Hazel enjoyed playing in mud and now she wants to change her dirty clothes and wash them. Help Hazel in washing dirty clothes and then ironing them. Give clean slippers and dress to Hazel for wearing.

Baby Hazel hygiene care activities

Baby Hazel has changed her clothes but still feeling untidy. Oh, her face is dirty and nails are filled with mud. Maintain hygiene care by brushing, washing her face and trimming the nails. Also comb her hairs properly.

Baby Hazel meal time hygiene

Hazel is feeling fresh now. She is hungry and wants to have a delicious meal. Can you teach little girl to maintain hygiene care by washing hands before and after meal?


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.