Little Mermaid Bubble Shooter

Little Mermaid Bubble Shooter is an addictive fun game for kids to play and enjoy. Have fun clearing 100+ challenging levels and rescue all the little mermaids trapped in colorful bubbles.

Little mermaids need a help! They are trapped in colorful bubbles by a Wicked Mermaid. So, let's join Baby Hazel to explore an underwater and help her rescue the adorable mermaids. Set your target and shoot the bubbles to burst them and set free the mermaids. 

Awesome game features:

    • Set free all the mermaids trapped in colorful bubbles

    • Earn coins to unlock surprising power ups

    • Set your target and shoot bubbles to pop them

    • 5 different power ups to help clearing the challenging levels

    • Leaf power up to smash huge number of bubbles vertically at one shot

    • Fire power up to pop number of bubbles

    • Rainbow power up can pop bubbles of similar color

    • Arrow power up to shoot in three different directions and pop dozens of bubbles

    • Water Drop power up help burst all the bubbles in a targeted rows

    • 100+ challenging levels to enjoy

Click here to play Little Mermaid Bubble Shooter on Google Play