Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 2

Two tiny hands, tiny feet and adorable smile of a newborn baby will make you fall in love with him/her!

Our darling Baby Hazel is thrilled and happy to be a big sister to her little brother, Baby Matt. So, it's time to give the special little one a special love. Have hours of fun caring and playing with the tiny tot along with Hazel. Help Hazel to give all the comfort and provide excellent care to Matt and keep him happy.

Join Baby Hazel to play and take care of the infant. Enjoy a day out shopping to buy cute toys, good-looking dresses, milk bottles and pacifiers required for the baby. Give Matt a bubble bath gently and dress him up in nice-looking outfits and accessories. Go on a picnic along with Hazel and family and have fun!

Baby care activities to enjoy:

  • Help Baby Hazel to set up a crib for her newborn brother
  • Enjoy lots of mischievous activities with Hazel including applying mom's makeup and trying mom's accessories
  • Visit the store and help Hazel to pick cute toys for Matt to play
  • Hazel wants her brother to look cutest in the world! Help her choose nice-looking outfits and accessories
  • Give a bubble bath to the tiny tot
  • Play with new toys, which Hazel bought for Matt
  • Enjoy a fun-filled meal time with siblings
  • Go on a picnic along with Baby Hazel and family. Enjoy lots of fun-filled activities and help Hazel to introduce her little brother to her friends

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